Govt. denies reports of overcrowding at Ntindi Secondary School in Nakonde District

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Govt denies reports of overcrowding at Ntindi secondary school, in Nakonde district


Chinsali, February 17, 2015, ZANIS —-  Government has refuted social media reports that there is overcrowding at Ntindi secondary school of Nakonde district in Muchinga Province.



Provincial Education Officer (PEO),Jobbicks Kalumba told ZANIS today that  reports that over 130 pupils sharing a single classroom are  alarming, false and misrepresentation of facts on the ground.



Mr. Kalumba admitted that while there is over enrollment at the institution, the reported numbers have been exaggerated.



He said school authorities in conjunction with the District Education Board Secretary ‘s (DEBS) office have started constructing a one by three classroom block to be completed in April this year and that it will help to decongest the classrooms.



He explained that Zambia shares a common border with Tanzania which is very porous and due to intermarriages many foreign nationals have opted to seek education on the Zambian side thereby putting pressure on public institutions in Nakonde District.



He explained that Nakonde has an ever fast growing population which social service providers are finding it difficult to manage saying on the education side, Government is in the process of constructing a government day school which will help solve the situation.



The Education authorities have since appealed to citizens not to panic over the misleading reports being posted online.



 He said his office has been assured by the area Member of Parliament (MP), Able Sichula who has pledged to release funding from the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) account to complete construction works at Ntindi secondary school.