MOE Specialist explains benefits of revised curriculum

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MOE Specialist explains benefits of revised curriculum

Lusaka, February 15, 2015, ZANIS.—The Ministry of Education, Science, Vocational Training and Early Education says the introduction of a revised curriculum for schools is aimed at improving performance of pupils in all grades.


Chief Curriculum Specialist in the Ministry of Education James Chilufya appealed to teachers, parents and pupils to support the revised curriculum .


ZANIS reports that Mr Chilufya was speaking ZNBC’s National Watch television programme monitored in Lusaka today.


Mr Chilufya said the revised curriculum has been split in two path ways that are academic and vocational platforms.


He said the curriculum is a simplified manner of teaching and learning that will enhance learners to focus on what they are likely to perform best at.


Mr Chilufya urged parents to help identify pupils that are interested  in academic or skills training and advised that  they support their children other than force them to do what they are not interested in ,which will in turn help determine  learners  performance.


Government in 2014 introduced a revised curriculum for grade eight and nine pupils that is characterized by a two career path-way that are vocational and academic to increase pupils performance in various grades.


The Zambia National Union of Teachers (ZNUT) has however blamed the poor Grade 12 results in 2014 to the revised curriculum which was effected in the course of the academic calendar last year.