President Lungu’s Cabinet appointments are totally misplaced – FDD

FDD Spokesperson Antonio Mwanza
FDD Spokesperson Antonio Mwanza

The Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) says it is suicidal and totally unproductive for President Edgar Lungu to surround himself with men and women who are ill prepared in their various assigned roles.

FDD Spokesperson Antonio Mwanza in a statement says it is clear that most of President Edgar Lungu’s Cabinet appointments have been done on patronage and political expediency rather than on merit and it will take a miracle for his cabinet to effectively deliver.

Mr Mwanza says looking at the new Cabinet unveiled yesterday, it is clear that most of those appointments are totally misplaced in that Cabinet jobs have been given to individuals who lack expert knowledge and experience in the Ministries they have been appointed to head.

He states that looking at the functions of a Cabinet as prescribed by the republican Constitution, it is clear that for one to effectively serve as Minister he or she needs to be deeply vested in the assigned ministry.

Mr Mwanza says it is for this reason that the people of Zambia through various constitution Commissions have consistently submitted that they need to appoint Cabinet outside Parliament in order to among other things ensure that only individuals with the right qualifications and experience in those particular ministries are appointed to ensure effective service delivery.

He adds that looking at most of the people appointed as Ministers, they have neither the qualifications nor the experience in the specific ministries they have been appointed to.



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