Govt urges appreciation of tourism products

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Govt urges appreciation of tourism products

Solwezi, February 14, 2015, ZANIS…….North Western province Permanent Secretary Amos Malupenga says the tourism sector can only grow if local people appreciate the various products on offer. 

Mr Malupenga said it would be difficult to attract foreign tourists to the various sites if the locals themselves do not appreciate them. 

He noted that despite the tourism sector having so much potential in generating income very little is being done to market the tourism products. 

ZANIS reports that Mr Malupenga challenged the media to play a major role in marketing various tourism products that are endowed in the North-Western province. 

Mr Maplupenga  was speaking yesterday after a familiarisation tour of the Kifubwa national monument and the Kifubwa cultural village which is under construction. 

And National Heritage Conservation Commission regional director Dennis Hambote said the monument received few visitors because of the bad state of the access road. 

Mr Hambote disclosed that the Commission was in the process of introducing wildlife to make the monument more attractive to the tourists.

The Kifubwa national monument sits on the Kifubwa river and is home to ancient rock engravings.