Kalumbila mine sets aside K65, 000 support

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Kalumbila mine sets aside K65, 000 support
Solwezi, February 13, 2015, ZANIS….Kalumbila Mine Trident foundation
manager Garth Lappeman says the mine has set aside an initial amount
of K65,000 to help displaced people venture into income generating

Mr Lappeman said the money has been set aside under the mine’s
Corporate Social Responsibility programmes in this year’s budget.

He said the mine wants the people displaced by mining activities to
lead meaningful lives and become self- reliant.

Mr Lappeman said the mine was looking at ways of introducing the
locals to livestock, poultry and fish farming since the area has fertile soils.

He said the mine does not want to impose livelihood activities on the
people but will engage them in identifying activities that the firm
could support.

Mr Lappeman was speaking in an interview with ZANIS during
Northwestern province Dawson Kafwaya’s familiarization tour of the
mine recently.

He said the mining firm realizes that not everyone can be directly
employed by the company but could instead  venture into other activities that can
generate income thereby benefitting them indirectly.