Govt closes 200 churches

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The Ministry of Home Affairs says the regulation of churches is carried out to ensure that they meet compliance levels.


And the Ministry has to date closed over 200 churches countrywide for failure to meet compliance levels.


Public Relations Officer Moses Suwali said the process of regulation is carried out through sensitization and holding meetings with Church Mother bodies under which churches are registered.


He said at the national level, the Registrar of Societies collaborates with the Police and Immigration Officers and over 200 churches have been closed so far.


ZANIS reports that Mr. Suwali confirmed in an interview in Lusaka today that the reason why churches are regulated is because it is a requirement of the law so that they operate within its precincts.


He stated that the government under the Registrar of Societies is mandated by law to ensure that all societies registered are effectively and efficiently regulated under the Society’s Act CAP 199.


He added that regulation exercises are carried out from time to time and on a random basis.


Mr. Suwali said that most of the churches that are operating in the country are not registered because the people running them do not have proper documentation.


He said this has seen cases of immorality among clergymen because of the creation of illegal churches and failure to follow the law and regulations.

He also said there is need to stiffen laws on illegal immigrants so that they should be mindful of the Zambian laws.