Chishimba Kambwili warns the Zambian Watchdog, will not hesitate to shut it down

LAUNCH OF PF NATIONAL CAMPAIGN in Pictures with Kambwili
LAUNCH OF PF NATIONAL CAMPAIGN in Pictures with Kambwili

Newly appointed Minister of Information and Broadcasting Service Chishimba Kambwili has promised to ensure that the Access to Information Bill is tabled before Parliament once the house reconvenes later this month.

And Mr. Kambwili has warned the online publication, Zambian Watchdog that he will not hesitate to shut it down if the publication continues what he has termed as malicious reporting.

Speaking to journalists shortly after being sworn in at State House today, Mr. Kambwili says his first priority in office is to ensure that Journalists do the right thing.

Mr. Kambwili says journalists should also be taken care of in terms of working conditions.

He has also promised to ensure that the media operates independently.

Mr. Kambwili says he will not hesitate to deal with some online media platforms in the habit of writing malicious stories about the party in government.

He adds that he will engage all the necessary institutions both local and abroad to try and shut down online media institutions that are not meeting journalistic standards.

Mr. Kambwili has also encouraged the media in the country to be agents of peace and desist from promoting tribalism.




  1. ZWD is already in the government system you cant touch it!.. Try Zambia Reports.

  2. remember last time he stormed znbc.wht more with more powers of being in charge of information?iliko bad.

  3. chishimba kambwilis position is just wrong this man doesn’t know how to talk hence in my opinion communication minister will fail him