National Public Health Institute vital-Kasonde

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———–Minister of Health Joseph Kasonde says the creation of a Public Health Institute is key to strengthening of public health system.


Dr. Kasonde said a Public Health Institute would coordinate priority public health functions across the health sector.


He said the institute would also help address human resource and ensure that public health data is systematically collected on a daily basis.


Dr. Kasonde said this during the launch of the development of a National Public Health Institute (NPHI) in the country with the assistance of the American government.


Dr. Kasonde noted that in the face of devastating disease outbreaks like Ebola in Western Africa, and the HIV/AIDS Pandemic, there is temptation to perceive public health as being focused only on infectious disease surveillance.


He said a robust and functional Public Health Institute would not only help coordinate such research but would help develop policy on diseases.


Speaking, earlier American Ambassador to Zambia Eric Schultz said some of the greatest public health challenges are insidious than acute outbreaks of cholera.


Mr. Schultz said the launch of National Public Health Institute signifies the commitment and partnership that exist between Zambia and the US government.