MMD ready to mobilize youths to sort out Muhabi Lungu

Lusambo police mmd
Lusambo police mmd

MMD National Secretary Mwansa Mbulakulima has warned his predecessor Muhabi Lungu against going ahead with the planned NEC meeting of expelled members this Saturday, stating that it is illegal.

Mr Mbulakulima has told a media briefing this morning that the party is ready to mobilize youths to sort out Mr. Lungu and his group if they go ahead with the meeting.

He says Mr. Lungu should respect the Supreme Court ruling which advised him and his team to reflect on their conduct and allow civility to prevail.

Mr Mbulakulima explains that Mr Lungu’s actions are denting the image of the MMD because of his clandestine activities.

He adds that the MMD rebel group is standing on very shaky ground.


Mr Mbulakulima says Mr. Lungu and his team should come to terms with the fact that they are no longer members of the MMD and should therefore find elsewhere to settle.

But MMD Lusaka province Chairman Watson Mtonga says the National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting called by the Muhabi Lungu led group will proceed as planned.

Mr Mtonga says Mr Lungu is the legitimate MMD National Secretary and not Mr Mwansa Mbulakulima.

He says youths in Lusaka stand ready to face-off with youths who will be sent to disrupt the Muhabi Lungu led NEC meeting.