Man convicted for raping woman as husband watched

Police arrest handcuffs arrested jail
Police arrest handcuffs

THE Chingola Magistrates’ court has convicted a 32-year-old man for raping a 79-year-old woman in the presence of her husband.
Principal Resident Magistrate David Chibwili convicted Webby Chibale and committed him to the High Court for sentencing after he pleaded guilty to rape.
Chibale, a farmer of Mushishima area, was charged with rape after he had sex with the woman without her consent on January 27 this year.
After pleading guilty to the charge, Chibale informed the court that he raped the woman because he suspected her of having bewitched his child.
He called the woman and her husband to his house in the evening, locked the door, produced a knife and ordered the husband to sit while he grabbed the victim by the neck.
Chibale admitted that he threatened to kill the couple if they did not do what he wanted.
“I decided to have sex with her in the presence of her husband as a way of punishing her for bewitching my child,” he told the court.
The court heard that Chibale stripped the woman naked and had sex with her throughout the night and kept asking the victim’s husband if he had seen some of the sex styles the convict was doing with his wife.
Mr Chibwili observed that what Chibale did was barbaric and traumatising.
The offence was, however, beyond his jurisdiction and, therefore committed him to the High Court for sentencing.


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  1. Emmanuel. Considering the woman is 79 years old,the husband could be more than that so the husband was overpowered by the rapist .how do you see it ?

  2. not all men are husband. hw can a husband watch his wife being raped. does it mean that he is the one who a raper?