Govt. to introduce electronic system to curb piracy

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Government plans to introduce an electronic track and trace system to ensure that every hologram sold out is properly accounted for in order to enhance the fight against piracy.


Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Service Permanent Secretary Chanda Kasolo said the copyright unit under his ministry was in the process of introducing the electronic track and trace system which is meant to have linkages to other government revenue agencies.


Mr. Kasolo reiterated that the introduction of holograms was meant to empower the artists and help them make profit out of their intellectual works.


He noted that artists and stakeholders support the introduction of the hologram because of its good intention.


He has since appealed to the public to support artists, musicians and film makers by buying genuine products that have holograms affixed on them.


Mr. Kasolo further urged qualified producers and importers of audio visual materials whose licenses have expired to renew their certificates for the year 2015 saying it was illegal to trade with documents authorizing them to do so.


He said only importers and producers who are authorized by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services have the right to purchase holograms.


Meanwhile, a total of eight people were arrested for dealing in pirated products between September 2013 and December 2014.


Mr. Kasolo said six people were arrested in Kabwe in Central province, one person in Chipata and another in Nyimba in Eastern Province while seven others people were also nabbed for dealing in infringing copies in Solwezi.


The Permanent Secretary has applauded law enforcement agencies in Kabwe, Solwezi and Chipata for working tirelessly in curbing piracy.