12 year old girl survives crocodile attack in Chavuma


A 12 year old girl of Chavuma district in North-western province is nursing serious wounds after being attacked by a crocodile in Kashiji River.

The girl, identified as Sombo Kanguya of Chambi village was caught by the reptile yesterday as she was swimming in the crocodile infested river.

The girl was however rescued from the mouth of the reptile by a man who was nearby and she was later rushed to Chavuma Mission Hospital.


Meanwhile, Chavuma District Commissioner, Lawrence Kayumba has called on the Provincial Medical Officer to urgently send a doctor to the district.

Mr. Kayumba said the doctor who attended to the victim is based at Chitokoloki Mission Hospital in Zambezi and only comes to Chavuma on Mondays to conduct surgical operations.

And villagers from Chambi area have appealed to the Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) to consider cropping the crocodiles in Kashiji River.

They said over the years the reptiles have increased in number and are posing a serious threat to human life.