Choma council to demolish illegal structures

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Choma council to demolish illegal structures

Choma, Feb 5, 2015,ZANIS–The Choma Municipal Council will soon
embark on an exercise to demolish illegal structures developed on State land.

ZANIS reports that the areas targeted for demolition of structures are Kamunza compound following the expiry of the one month  notice given to the residents.

Choma Town Clerk Timothy Mambalakata told ZANIS in an interview today
that the council will soon start demolishing structures that have been
developed on state land as the notice elapsed on 28th January, 2015.

Mr. Mambalakata said the land in question had been zoned as a
residential area and that the land had been given to successful
applicants who had attended interviews last year.

He said plot numbers had been issued and that what was remaining was
for the land surveyors to put beacons.

Mr Mambalakata explained that the affected people were given enough notice and
were advised to apply to the land tribunal for possible intervention
but added that none of that had happened and the notice had since

Mr. Mambalakata said the illegal developers who so far have structures
at different levels of development were advised to demolish structures
on their own and the municipal council now fears that if the council
moved in to demolish structures on behalf of the people the affected
people will have to share the cost.

He said that the council will spread the bill that would be incurred
in the process to the affected people.

The anticipated bill is in terms of fuel and allowances to uniformed
officers if they would be involved in the demolition process.

And Mr Mambalakata has urged people intending to own land to consider
following the normal channel of securing it.

Mr. Mambalakata observed that it was a risky venture that people
undertake to acquire land from individuals.

He said it was important for people to contact the council who he said
are the custodian of state land before any land transactions with
individuals could take place.

This he said would protect people from developing structures on
illegally obtained land that could be demolished at a later stage.