Barotse Royal Establishment to consider President Lungu’s call for Indaba

Barotse Royal Establishment
Barotse Royal Establishment

The Barotse Royal Establishment – B.R.E- says it will respond to President EDGAR LUNGU’s suggestions for a meeting to discuss the way forward on the Barotseland Agreement of 1964.

In a telephone interview with ZNBC news, Induna KALONGA says the KUTA is yet to meet and deliberate President LUNGU’s suggestion.

And a Historian from the University of Zambia EUSTON CHIPUTA says the Barotseland Agreement has been a nagging issue since independence.

Meanwhile Dr. CHIPUTA has told ZNBC news that the Barotseland Agreement does not have any wording suggesting secession of the region from the rest of Zambia.

And Human Rights Activist KELVIN SAMPA says President LUNGU’s suggestion on the BRE is the best way to proceed on the subject.

Last week, while addressing Zambians based in Ethiopia, President LUNGU said he will soon meet the BRE to chart the way on the BAROTSELAND Agreement of 1964.

President LUNGU said he is open to suggestions from the BRE on how best to resolve the issue once and for all.