The dream for a better Zambia has just been deferred to 2016 – HH

Hakainde Hichilema campaigns in Nakonde and Isoka
Hakainde Hichilema

We are greatly indebted to the messages of goodwill and encouragement we keep receiving from fellow citizens and supporters home and abroad on our commitment for a peaceful, united, and better Zambia.

I want to assure all our supporters that the dream for a better Zambia has just been deferred to 2016 and we must keep the hope alive for the sake of the majority Zambians.

We are cognisant that there are no PF, MMD, UPND or indeed any sectarian shops, schools, hospitals and other basic life necessities, there are just facilities for all Zambians regardless of where they come from.

We truly believe that the cost of living for majority Zambians is way beyond people’s earnings, even worse for majority council workers that have not been paid for many months now, civil servants that have to grapple with the wage freeze, youths that are jobless partly due to the rise in the retirement age, and our farmers that have not been paid and failed to plant for this season.

We remain committed to those miners we promised small-scale mining licences instead of being labeled thieves in their own country.

The mealie meal prices, fuel prices, the cost of electricity and other essential commodities are beyond the reach of most Zambians and we are committed to addressing these artificial challenges that have been caused by poor leadership.

As we all know, the just ended presidential election was necessitated by the demise of our dear President Michael Sata (MHRIP). We in UPND were well within our calendar for the 2016 elections when this unfortunate incident happened.

As we move forward, we remain forever thankful to our alliance partners, foot soldiers and other volunteers that work tirelessly to unite this country to economically liberate it. It is unacceptable that the majority of Zambians should continue wallowing in abject poverty in a country that is endowed with huge natural resources simply because of having a leadership that has no vision. We need to change that unfortunate situation.

We know a number of our supporters across the country are going through the worst form of humiliation, hate speech, intimidation and crude violence never experienced before in this country from those who claim to have emerged victorious.

But I still insist that we remain calm and peaceful despite the amount of provocation such as being removed from trading places, and other forms of abuse and victimisation.