Residents cry foul over fee paying dirty toilets

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-Some Lusaka residents have expressed concern over the unhygienic state of fee paying public toilets run by the Lusaka City Council.


The residents said the toilets are shockingly dirty despite the local authority collecting revenue from members of the public who use the toilets.


The residents said they expect the fee paying toilets to be clean but now pose a health hazard to the public.


A Lusaka resident Dorothy Ng’ambi told ZANIS that even after paying K2 to use the toilet she was surprised to find the pans very dirty.


A snap survey by a ZANIS crew revealed that toilets at City Market and inter-city Bus terminus which are heavily frequented by a lot of people were in a bad state.


The residents have since challenged the council to ensure that the toilets meet acceptable sanitary standards.


But when Lusaka City Council Public Relations Manager Habeenzu Mulunda was contacted for a comment, he distanced the local authority from the running of public toilets.


Mr Mulunda said the public toilets have managers who run them and are supposed to ensure that they meet public health standards.