Govt describes Zukas as hypocrite

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—-Government finds as unfair and unfortunate remarks attributed to veteran politician, Simon Zukas, that the road construction projects being implemented country-wide is for political gain and not economic benefit.


The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services Public Relations Unit in a statement issued to ZANIS in Lusaka today says it is surprising that such a misleading and misplaced statement can come from a former Cabinet Minister who knows very well that every government is voted into power to deliver development to the people in line with its party manifesto.


The statement wondered whether Mr Zukas, who served in the Chiluba administration, is now telling the nation that the MMD was politicking when it built schools, roads or hospitals. 


“If they were not politicking then, why should they say we are politicking now when we’re building the Mongu/Kalabo road, have tarred the Solwezi/Chavuma road and embarked on a robust road construction programme under the Link Zambia 8,000,” the statement reads in part.


The statement stated that it was unfortunate that a former Cabinet Minister could choose to mislead the nation by divorcing infrastructural development from economic development.


 Mr Zukas was challenged if he is flying and not using the same roads constructed by government.


“Every well-meaning Zambian is able to clearly see that road construction has no other benefits other than economic benefits to the people of Zambia,” it states.


The statement says Mr Zukas ought to be reminded that the ongoing road construction projects the PF government has embarked upon is not an afterthought but a pre-requisite to national development.


“Our agenda in this regard is clear and precise.  We have embarked on a rigorous and vigorous programme to rehabilitate and upgrade the existing road network including feeder roads in all districts. We’re also constructing additional inter-provincial and inter-district roads to open up the country to facilitate the movement of people, goods and services for accelerated development,” it said.


It said under the Link Zambia 8000, government was constructing ring roads around major cities such as Lusaka, to decongest the central business districts so that Zambia is transformed from the so-called “landlocked” to a “land-linked” country for sustainable social and economic development.



“It is, therefore, hypocrisy of the highest order for Mr Zukas who once served Government at a high level, to politicise the development programmes government is rolling out to improve people’s living standards and the general outlook of the country,” it reads.



It said the government remains resolute to delivering on its development agenda in which road infrastructural development is primary.