ZFE concerned with union leaders stopping managers from disciplining illegal strikers

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–Zambia Federation of Employers (ZFE) President, Tyson Chisambo, has expressed concern with trade union officials that stop managements from taking disciplinary action against illegally striking unionised employees.

Mr Chisambo said the trend is worrying especially in cases where there are laid-down grievance procedures and the law regarding legal strikes in the Industrial and Labour Relations ACT of the Laws of Zambia.

He stated that such illegal strikes are against the spirit of industrial harmony and the impunity with which union officials support them.

“We are deeply concerned with the reaction by Mine Workers Union of Zambia (MWUZ) to Kalumbila Mine over the response to the illegal strike that recently occurred at Solwezi Mine.

Mr Chisambo said management at the mine deemed it fit to dismiss the workers for the illegal strike as per their disciplinary code but the union labelled such a disciplinary action as an act of intimidation.

He stated that indiscipline should not be tolerated among employees when there are legitimate established organisational and legal channels of redress.

Mr Chisambo urged trade unions not to support indiscipline among their members but uphold the principles that promote disciplinary measures against illegal strikes.

He said all workers and representations in the labour movement should ensure that they satisfactorily resolve their industrial disputes through social dialogue and laid down procedures.