Constitution Implementing Team a waste of time – Grand Coalition

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—The Grand Coalition has proposed guidelines for the public validation on the constitution making process.

Grand Coalition chairperson, Leonard Chiti, said government’s roadmap that intends to prepare terms of reference for Constitution Implementation Team (CIT) is not necessary.

Fr Chiti said this would be indirectly reopening the whole consultative process which is believed to have been already undertaken by the Technical Committee on Drafting the Constitution.  

Fr Chiti observed that the Technical Committee Drafting the new constitution should be reconstituted to finalise the draft constitution.

He said the process has ended without legal framework which is in line with the current constitutional principles.

He said to identify an independent group of eminent persons to spearhead the consensus building would waste time in the process.

Fr Chiti noted that if the referendum was to be held in 2015 when the budget has been already released it would raise many questions among people on where the resources would come from.  

Meanwhile Fr Chiti said there was need to have more time and resources to complete the process.

He said the process should be very comprehensive so that the public are made participants in this important national process.