South DCs accused of working with opposition

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The Patriotic Front (PF) in Southern Province has appealed to PF Secretary General, Davies Chama, to take serious interest in the work culture of some District Commissioners in Southern Province who have allegedly aligned themselves with an opposition political party.

Some members of the PF Executive in Choma District have alleged that some DCs in the region are working with a named opposition political party thereby frustrating government programmes.

Speaking to journalists in Choma today, PF Choma District Vice Chairperson, Kebby Mbewe, said his party was aware of some DCs in the province who had aligned themselves with a named opposition political party.

He, therefore, appealed for immediate action against these DCs, saying if left unchecked, the party and government programmes would be derailed.

“We are aware that some DCs in the province have hidden agendas by working with a named opposition political party in Southern Province. We are not happy that instead of those DCs working to promote government programmes, they have hidden agendas,” he said

He said some DCs were allegedly interfering in the ruling party’s operations in the province causing some confusion in order to woo support from members for the named political party of their interests.

Mr Mbewe was further unhappy with the Choma Municipal Council’s decision to continue closing shops whose owners have defaulted in paying business licences.

He said the K1,620 amount  the council is charging for various business levies to shop-owners was too high as other  bigger councils like the Livingstone City Council were charging about K400.

He called on government to take interest in the operation of Choma Municipality which he alleged that only depended on shop-owners as its major source of revenue.

Last week scores of shop-owners marched to the Choma District Commissioner’s office to seek audience from the DC over the closure of their shops by the local authority.

Efforts by Choma District Commissioner, Bernadette Hamweemba to seek leniency from the council on behalf of the shop-owners failed as the Town Clerk, Timothy Mambalakata, vowed not open any shop until the owners paid their dues.

Mr Mambalakata said the local authority had given the shop-owners enough grace period in which to renew their licenses but failed.