Prisons launches horse riding unit

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– Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services Deputy Commissioner-General Moses Chihobvu has called for hard work from trainees to excel in their newly acquired horsemanship skills.

Mr Chihobvu said he was delighted to witness the successful completion of the equitation course for the mounted unit which is the first of its kind in the Zambia Prisons Service.

The Deputy Commissioner-General was speaking at the pass-out parade of equitation training course for 26 officers at Bothwell Imakamdo Prisons Staff Training College in Kabwe over the weekend.

‘The development of an equitation unit in the Zambia Prisons Service shall undeniably go a long way in enhancing security through providing escorts, crowd control and tracking escapees as well as safeguarding establishments and assets of your department among other duties’, he said.

He said the program was commendable to the trainees who are serving officers in capacity building to boost their morale and instilling a sense of belonging through adding new skills to their prison profession.

Speaking at the same occasion, Zambia Prisons Service Commissioner Percy Chato thanked the Zimbabwe Prisons Service for ensuring that the mounted unit is established and providing instructors to drill the trainees in horse riding skills.

Mr. Chato said he expected the officers to showcase high levels of discipline, mental alertness, endurance, physical fitness and above all commitment and dedication to duty.

‘Officers, being the only prison officers in the country with this skill are reasons why we have high expectations from you. You have to rise above board and show us that you have really acquired the horsemanship skills, he said.

Speaking earlier, Commanding Officer at the Prison Staff Training School, acting Assistant Commissioner Kapalu Luneta, said the equitation program the officers have gone through will enable them progress in their duties because of the rich content.

He said the skills will enable the Zambia Prisons Service’s mounted unit to effectively use horses in the prison security system especially during patrols on prison farms.

In a vote of thanks, Zimbabwe’s Chief Prison Officer, Moses Gukurume, appealed to the officers to remain loyal and hard working to enhance the growth of the unit.

He said the existing warm relations between the two countries should be natured to enhance bilateral information exchange for the benefit of the mounted unit.