Pensioners advise Govt to retain the 65-year retirement age

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—The Zambia National Pensions Association in Serenje district in central Province have advised President Edger Lungu not to reverse the 65 years retirement age.

Speaking to ZANIS in a walk-in interview, ZANAPA Chairperson, Ewen Chansa, said President Lungu should maintain the new pension reform program approved by Cabinet recently which puts the retirement age at 65.

Mr Chansa, who was accompanied by the association Secretary, Kaemba Lukwesa and other members, said the retirement age should remain at 65 to help the country retain experienced workers.

Mr Chansa observed that currently, the country is lacking a lot of experienced workers both in government and in the private sector because of the retirement age which has been at 55.

“The bill Dr Guy Scott signed when he was acting republican President should not be changed. In fact the 65 years retirement age is a demand from the Commonwealth to which Zambia is part,” he said.

Mr Chansa also called on the President to enact a new constitution that will give retirees one third of one’s salary.

The ZANAPA Chairperson, who observed that a third of a retiree’s pension would be sustainable, further congratulated President Lungu on his January 20 electoral victory.

He urged Zambians to give President Lungu support.


  1. 55 yrs is good atleast to give room to the young ones, why 65? Our government don’t u want us to serve u? That’s why people are ending up going into private comp leaving our own government behind for the investors to benefit from. Be energetic, don’t be manipulated by others cause we also want to serve our country.

  2. Zambian people are confused and they don’t know what they want because they were the same people complaining about it and now they want it back.

  3. Pls don’t mislead our Honourable President EC Lungu, we were told to ignore it which we did now its time to completly reverse it. 55 better.