Husband admits cheating on wife

Divorce Court

AFTER celebrating jubilee intimately with her husband, a Lusaka woman got frightened when she began bleeding without ceasing for a month.
An age-old belief that when such a thing happens means your spouse is having an affair, led Catherine Ntenge, 39, of Lilayi to suspect her husband of cheating on her.
In a case where she dragged her husband Franco Hamudima, 38, also of the same township to court for divorce, Ntenge said they lived well since 1997 but five years later, problems began.
This was heard before Justice Mubukwanu Matakala at the Chawama Local Court.
In her testimony, Ntenge said unknown to her Hamudima began an affair with a married woman who bore him a child but that the child later died, adding that he even took care of all the funeral expenses.
“When I and my family got wind of it, we were shocked and called for a meeting where we asked him about his deeds. He agreed and asked for my forgiveness but despite that, he carried on with the affair,” she said.
Ntenge, a mother of five said at the time she was three months pregnant, Hamudima could not have an erection, prompting the couple to seek prayers.
She said after his manhood got back in form, they had sex on October 24, the day the couple intimately celebrated jubilee. But to her surprise, she began bleeding for a month.
“I realised he was still cheating on me. When I asked him about it, he said the woman was his second wife. I refuse to share him with another woman that is why I have sued for divorce,” she said.
And in his defence, Hamudima said he does not want his marriage to end as he still loves Ntenge.
But Justice Matakala granted divorce and ordered Hamudima to compensate Ntenge with a fine of K5,000.