Zambia to host the 2022 AU Summit

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————–Minister of Foreign Affairs Harry Kalaba has disclosed that Zambia will host the 2022 African Union (AU) summit.


Mr. Kalaba disclosed in Addis Ababa today that Zambia’s bid to host the summit in 2022 was successful.


Mr. Kalaba said the African Union endorsed Zambia’s bid when it was presented in the summit yesterday.


“We are happy as a country that we have been given this opportunity by the AU. So we are beginning to prepare for the same right away,” he said.


And Mr. Kalaba has disclosed that Zambia will in May this year host the committee of ten (C10) countries which have been tasked to push forward Africa’s agenda towards reforming the United Nations Security Council.


He said the C10 was aiming at continuing with Africa’s desire to correct some injustices taking place in the world.


Mr. Kalaba wondered why there was no African representation on the Security Council when a number of problems the council addresses stem from the same continent.


Zambia, Namibia, Equatorial Guinea and Uganda are some of the members of the C10.