Ms Nelly Mutti exonorated

Nelly Mutti
Nelly Mutti

This follows recent revelations that lawyers Nelly Mutti and Robson Malipenga had differed on who should receive the money on behalf of former Government employees.
Former daily classified employees successfully sued the Government for underpayment of long service bonus after they were retrenched in late 1990s.
CEAZ general secretary, Edith Mubanga said Mr Malipenga of Malipenga and Associates had no right to oppose the decision of the association because Ms Mutti had the blessings of the members.
Government is set to release K4.2 million for 1,710 employees out of a list of the verified list of 5,795 as long service bonus after losing the case against its former classified employees.
Employees were represented by different advocates but Mrs Mutti recently wrote to Deputy Chief State Advocate Joe Simachela of the Attorney General Chambers that other lawyers have agreed that money be paid through her law firm.
Robson Malipenga from Malipenga and Company, however, wrote to the Attorney General Chambers that there was no agreement that had been made for the Lukona Chambers to receive the money.
Ms Mubanga said: “We wish to state that lawyers are not fighting for the K4.2 million released by Government to pay retrenches workers.
“Nelly Mutti is the senior most lawyer that represented us and we agreed that the money should be released through her before it is disbursed to other law firms for onward transmission to clients.”
Ms Mubanga also lashed out at Voluntary Separatees and Retrechees Association of Zambia (VSRAZ) general secretary Syachoke Simemeza for accusing Mrs Mutti of trying to swindle the former employees.
“Mr Syachoke Simemeza should not even be a subject in this matter because he is representing (former) civil servants and this matter is for (former) classified employees,” she said.
Ms Mubanga appealed to the members to ignore any statement from Mr Simemeza because it did not reflect the position of the former daily classified employees.
Apart from Mr Malipenga and Mrs Mutti the Attorney General Chambers has been dealing with five other law firms believed to have represented the former government workers in a long running case to push for long service bonus.
Others are Okware and Associates, Milner Katolo and Company, DB Mupeta and Company as well as Dindi and Company.


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