Pande calls for NEC meeting; blame Mumba for divisions

Kabinga Pande
Kabinga Pande

Movement for Multi party and Democracy (MMD) National Chairman Kabinga Pande has called for an immediate holding of his party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting.

Mr. Pande has made an appealed to MMD President Nevers Mumba for the NEC meeting to be held owing to the divisions that have emerged in the former ruling party.

Speaking this morning at a media briefing held in Lusaka, Mr. Pande who was flanked by former National Secretary Muhabi Lungu and other NEC Members who included Brian Chituwo and Ronnie Shikapwasha noted that such divisions which he says Dr. Mumba has caused are what has made the MMD to continue losing elections.

Mr. Pande has told journalists the just ended presidential elections clearly show that the MMD was not ready to participate in the elections especially after Dr. Mumba adopted himself as Presidential candidate after the Supreme Court ruling.

He says this is why going forward it is important that party president quickly calls for a genuine NEC meeting which will only be attended by bonafide NEC members.

Mr. Pande explains that the party is already divided and therefore should not be divided further by doing something outside the party constitution.

And Mr. Pande says the suspension of the MMD members who endorsed other candidates in the just ended elections is not valid.

He states that this is besides expulsion of party Mr. Lungu as National Secretary because acting party National Secretary Mwansa Mbulakulima has no power to suspend or expel anyone from the party.


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  1. Strange that Mr Pamde is blaming Nevers Mumba for the divisions and not Rupiah Banda and Muhabi Lungu. What surprises me is the likes Kabinga Pande, Musokotwane, Mutati and Namugala have no confidence in themselves that they can be the head, all they know is that they are supposed to be tails. Someone like Nevers Mumba gets the courage and steers the party through a rough phase and he is blamed of dividing the Party. And foolishly enough they leave their party MMD and support other political parties and they want Zambians to still have confidence in them.