Nalolo reacts to Inonge Wina’s appointment

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Nalolo reacts to Inonge Wina’s appointment 
Senanga, 30 January, 2015, ZANIS….Nalolo District Commissioner Mundia Samwene has expressed gratitude to President Edgar Lungu for appointing Nalolo Member of Parliament Inonge Wina as Republican Vice President.

Mr. Samwene said the people of Nalolo district including the Nalolo Royal Establishment are happy that their own indigenous child has been given the second biggest position in the country.

He said it was a great honor to the people of Nalolo that they have produced a great leader who is the first woman to be appointed as Vice President since Zambia gained its independence in 1964.

Mr. Samwene said he is confident that Mrs. Wina will serve the nation well and uplift the welfare of both women and men especially that she has worked in the Ministry of Gender and Child Development for a long time.

He noted that the people of Nalolo will always remember President Edgar Lungu for this great move because Inonge Wina is a seasoned politician who got most of her skills from her late husband Arthur Wina who was a veteran politician.

And Mercy Salivaji from ZANACO bank said she was happy that Zambia is now able to recognize women as a force in national development.

Ms. Salivaji said the appointment of Inonge Wina has come at the right time and hopes the Vice President will work hard to help many women come out of their closets and realize their potential in society.

She added that Mrs. Wina is a role model to the girl child in Zambia and has since urged girls to emulate such great figures in society.

Ms. Salivaji pointed out that Mrs. Wina has shown everyone that the woman’s place should not only be in the kitchen and that the sky should not be the limit but the starting point of great things to come.

And Nalolo District Labour Officer Jason Ngoma said Mrs. Wina’s appointment is worth it as she is a hard working woman who has always been there for the Patriotic front even when the party was going through some difficulties.

Mr. Ngoma has since congratulated the Vice President on her new appointment and has wished her God’s blessings as she serves the people of Zambia.