DMMU trains 21 officers to handle disasters

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The Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) has successfully trained 21 national trainers in disaster management skills in order to strengthen capacity in protecting and assisting displaced populations in ravaged areas.


DMMU National Coordinator Patrick Kangwa said the Camp Co-ordination and Camp Management (CCCM) training programme will enable the disaster risk management (DRM) actors at national and sub national levels to effectively handle disasters.


ZANIS reports that he said this in a speech read on his behalf by Research and Planning Head Mwape Yande Mr Kangwa during the official closing of a five- day workshop held at Ibis Gardens in Chibombo District.


Mr Kangwa said the trainers who have now acquired the necessary skills will now be quickly deployed in communities to handle disasters.


Mr Kangwa urged the participants to work with the local civic and traditional authorities in their respective regions and district areas to disseminate information on management and mitigation of disasters.


And International Disaster Management (IDM) resource management officer Joseph Axelson-Kanu said establishing systems to manage disasters is essential in mitigating challenges of capacity, technical reach and human resource.


Mr Axelson-kanu said the training project will also targets key partners in involved in disaster preparedness and response in southern Africa.