Construction works in the provincial capital cheer Mubukwanu

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—–Newly appointed Southern Province Minister Nathaniel Mubukwanu has described the construction of a six storey building as a major milestone in the province.


Speaking in Choma today when he toured the infrastructure that is under construction, Mr Mubukwanu said the relocation of the provincial headquarters from Livingstone to Choma has resulted in massive infrastructural developments in the district.


He said so far the project had employed over 200 local people.


”This is a massive project resulting from the relocation of the provincial headquarters from Livingstone to Choma. If the relocation was not done, we would not be talking of this massive development today. We believe this is going to be a landmark not only in Southern Province but in other provincial centres as well,” he said.


The Southern Province Minister noted that the completion of the office block would greatly address the challenges of office accommodation that the officers were currently facing.


Government has so far spent K67 million in the construction of the six storey building, twelve high cost, twenty medium and thirty low cost houses.


The construction of the houses is expected to be completed later this year.