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HH campaign rally in Kanyama compound, Sunday, Nov. 23, 2014, in Lusaka, Zambia. (Photo by Jason DeCrow)HH campaign rally in Kanyama compound, Sunday, Nov. 23, 2014, in Lusaka, Zambia. (Photo by Jason DeCrow)
HH campaign rally in Kanyama compound, Sunday, Nov. 23, 2014, in Lusaka, Zambia. (Photo by Jason DeCrow)

Facebook Admins Note: Stop this Tribal Nonsense

It appears as if people who have an opinion in this country, do not realise how much influence they wield. Yesterday it was Nawakwi, today its Davis Chama attacking the Tonga people of Southern province for voting for UPND or better still for exercising the right to choose. Since when does exercising a right become illegal in this country? It is sad that this country claims to have educated people. People that are supposed to be objective. But at the same time we have a lot of people who have refused to think and instead want to play politics, actually dangerous politics that risk engulfing this country.

When Tongas were supporting other candidates, it was okey, in 1991 for example, Chiluba 125,372 votes Kaunda 24,243. This same MMD went ahead and destroyed agriculture. In 1996, MMD under Chiluba still got 54% of the vote. Then a candidate who understands them, comes on the scene, preaches a message they understand, they get hooked on to that party, it’s now a problem? If you don’t know what to tell those farmers of Southern province to endear them to you, then close your mouth. Nawakwi is married to a tonga, one would expect her to understand the simple things that would endear one to the people of Southern province. As she was talking that rubbish, she had not set foot in Syasikabole, Munyumbwe, Chikanzaya, Bbwemunyama to understand people’s needs, and she expected them to vote for her? What is this nonsense? Davis Chama on the other hand is saying people have learnt, learnt what? Davis is taking a very simplistic view on this issue. His own President went to Livingstone, Choma and Mazabuka and spent 6 minutes and he expected people to vote for him, vote for him based on what? Yet Hichilema traversed the country at great expense to get the votes he was getting.

Davis and his cohorts must wait for 2016, and we can tell you without flinching that we are coming. Many people were arguing that HH will never beat the UPND record set by our founding President AKM. Here it is 47% from 18%. And you think this was just by accident?
For our supporters; here is what is happening on the political scene. Most people want UPND to die so that they can create space for their emerging parties. What they do not know is that they are setting this country on a dangerous path of tribalism which might even make it impossible for their benefactors to control. Some of them shouting have been promised vice Presidency in a named party. What is the point of trying to promote tribalism that might end up in political acrimony and a country that is ungovernable? Is that how myopic some people can be? HH is a credible, hardworking man. Mazoka was the same and we can assure the next President of UPND will be the same quality, whoever that will be, because we have a robust system of selection.

For now be peaceful even in the face of agitation and outright provocation. We are a peaceful party and we shall continue being one such party. For now ignore the tribalists, they have no space for reasoning like everyone else. They see everything within the context of tribalism. We thank the people that voted for us, the people of Luapula who in some instances moved is from 57 votes to 1,450. Those are people who saw what others saw, HH a true unifying President and not a Tonga man. Lets prepare for 2016 ladies and gentlemen. We do not politic for the sake of politicking, we take this business serious, we give Zambia a bad candidate, it will affect us as UPND supporters as well.


Facebook Admins Note: Stop this Tribal Nonsense


  1. If we remember very well how Hichilema became President of UPND, then it is not wrong for the people of Zambia to call Tongas the names they calling them today. When Mazoka died Tongas came out and said UPND must be headed by a Tonga again. And they spoke openly.
    In my view even Hichilema himself is a tribalist for him to accept the presidency which was based on tribal lines. If he is not a tribalist he wouldn’t have taken it.