CAPIZ excited with President Lungu’s pledge to fight poverty – QFM


Christians Against Poverty in Zambia (CAPIZ) says it is excited with President Edgar Lungu’s pledge to reduce the levels of poverty in the country.

CAPIZ President Evangelist Gregory Chileshe says this is good news for the people of Zambia who have for a long time continued to live in poverty.

Evangelist Chileshe says for a long time, the cost of living has continued to go up and that the majority of Zambians cannot afford the high cost of living and have thus continued to wallow in poverty.

He adds that it is their hope that the new president will deliver according to the expectations of the people of Zambia.

He states that by pledging to tackle poverty in his inauguration speech; President Lungu has raised the hopes of many Zambians.

Evangelist Chileshe stresses that reducing the levels of poverty in the country is not a difficult thing as what is needed is government commitment and political will.

He has further appealed to other stakeholders not to let government do everything alone, but that government needs complimented efforts in reducing the levels of poverty.



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