UPND demands verification of all results

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The opposition UPND has demanded that the winner of the January 20th presidential election should not be declared until the verification of all election results is done.
The UPND wants consensus on the issue it has raised to be established before the winner of the poll is declared.
In a statement to Qfm News, UPND vice president for politics Canisius Banda says his party is aware that the transfer of the presidential election results has been marred with gross and glaring irregularities.

Dr. Banda states that this is evident in how many of the election results that have been announced by the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) have not reflected the actual voting pattern of electorates as allegedly admitted by the commission itself.
He says the UPND suspects that this is an indication that many of the results have been manipulated to allegedly suit the interest of one particular political party.
Dr Banda has since appealed to the Zambian people and other stakeholders to let the electoral process be concluded in a fair, transparent and orderly manner.
He has assured people in the country that voted in the presidential election that the UPND shall do whatever it can to ensure that their will is respected.
Dr Banda adds that the discrepancies in the election results observed so far are a very serious concern that border on national security.



  1. Chikala Canisius Banda you should go back to practice medicine in the hospitals not politics that’s the reason we financed your education as tax payers at the university waba itole

  2. Yes Agness Imangolwa they say give a fool eanth rope 2 hang ones self that wat we r doing

  3. Yes Agness Imangolwa they say give a fool eanth rope 2 hang ones self that wat we r doing

  4. Yr tribal remarks sidelines u frm wining da presidential race.Sorry mayb cumin elections.

  5. Ba HH thinks da population of southern,western and Northwest cn match dat of da cb and lsk patali boss jst accept da defeat.

  6. HH sorry shit happenes you have tryed… But never lose hope you can still work with EL to help him sale buildings in lusaka..

  7. mean while edgar will be declared tonight let them go to supreme court period. they think edgar is a thief no those results were transparent