Less than 30,000 votes separate Lungu and HH with 39 Constituencies left

Some PF cadres spotted around Kabwe round about on Saturday afternoon , by Jean Mandela for Lusakavoice.com
Some PF cadres spotted around Kabwe round about on Saturday afternoon , by Jean Mandela for Lusakavoice.com

111 Constituencies verified results

Edgar Lungu Patriotic Front 670,397 48.7%
Hakainde Hichilema UPND 641,343 46.7%
Edith Nawakwi FDD 11,260 0.82%
Nevers Mumba MMD 10,242 0.75%
Tilyenji Kaunda UNIP 7,329 0.53%
Chanda Eric 4RP 5,614 0.41%
Elias Chipimo NAREP 4,735 0.35%
Godfrey Miyanda HERITAGE 4,344 0.32%
Daniel Pule CDP 2,427 0.18%
Ludwig Sondashi FDA 1,445 0.11%
Peter Sinkamba GREENS 1,135 0.08%

Total voters 4,055,809 from 110 of 150 constituencies

Votes caste 1,371,778
Rejected votes13,755
33.82% Average voter turn out.


39 Constituencies left:


Chama South, Chama North, Chilubi, Chitambo, Kaoma, Kanchibiya, Kapiri Mposhi, Kapoche, Kaputa, Katombola, Keembe, Liuwa, Luena, Lukashya, Lukulu West, Lumezi, Lundazi, Mafinga, Mfuwe, Mporokoso, Mpongwe, Msanzala, Muchinga, Mwandi, Mwinilunga, Mufumbwe, Nalolo, Rufunsa, Senanga, Senga Hill, Sikongo, Sinjembela, Nyimba, Zambezi West


Zambia Daily Mail


SACCORD would like to commend the two front runners in the 20th January 2015 Presidential election-opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) President Hakainde Hichilema and ruling Patriotic Front (PF) candidate Honourable Edgar Chagwa Lungu for providing leadership over their supporters. SACCORD acknowledges the two president’s call to their supporters to remain calm and maintain peace. At this critical time in our history when the whole WORLD looks up to Zambia to continue on her path of maintaining peace, such leadership must be encouraged and commended. The people of Zambia have spoken and we must respect their voice-the two leaders have shown that when the interest of the nation is at stake leadership is required and they have provided that thus far. We appeal to them to continue on this path!

We also want to appeal as an organization to the supporters and indeed the people of Zambia to continue being peaceful and that when the ECZ makes the announcement we accept and unite behind the new leader. Everyone wants this country to chat a new way forward over our governance until we hold the 2016 tripartite elections. The responsibility of maintaining our wonderful peace and prosperity rests with all of us.


  1. Kaliba Owen Mukando, Unless I can’t count, I only see 34 constituencies in list?!?

  2. U oso dont know the remaining ones. Liuwa & Mwinilunga ar among the 111,dont mislead us.

  3. Priscilla Isaacs nd Justice Mambilima operating under very difficult conditions. their being surrounded by a banch of PF criminals. like this man in charge of ITT..

    • 26 out of the 39 are from HH’s strongholds namely southern, north western and western provinces

    • lungu still very safe…mind U God spoke and nobody can undo wat God has put in place…El is de President of Zambia..cum rain, cum thunder…

    • casper no one can understand God’s mind my dear, chill before you speak, God has his own way of doing things

    • God has already spoken and His word can never return to Him void. don’t get excited for nothing. Prophsy always has to be tested and this is the test. forever OH Lord your word is settled in the heavens. I believe the report of the Lord

    • prophecy prophecy wait for your faith in Jesus to be tested, you will have so many questions in your head which no one will answer. Read the prophecy once more ,this time be slow and attentive.

    • Malawi’s leading Prophet Shepherd Bushiri onSunday, December 7 gave took time toprophetically handled Zambia’s elections andurged his congregation to pray for the nation ashe saw violence erupting in the countryfollowing election disagreements.Speaking to his congregation, Bushiri also saidthat he saw a man wearing a hat being sworn inas Zambia’s president.“Am seeing a man name L being sworn in asPresident. This man is so much loved byZambians and he is destined to win. If he fails,he will fail because of himself. Things will gobad for him if he doesnt humble himself andwork with the white person,” said Bushiri.Coincidentally, a likely candidate with ‘L’ in hisname is Edgar Lungu of Patriotic Front.According to the prophecy, Bushiri explainedthat if Lungu fails to humble himself and joinhands with the white man, victory will go toHakainde Hichilema, president for United Partyfor National Development (UPND).“Mark my words, if the person with name ‘L’fails to join hands with the white person, thenvictory will be for a person with lettersHH,”said the Prophet.According to the prophecy, the wife of formerpresident will work with Hakainde Hichelema.“I just want you to mark my words that theperson I saw being sworn in as President waswearing a hat and has the letter ‘L’ in his name,”concluded Bushiri.Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is considered as oneof the best Prophets in Malawi and acrossAfrica. His recent prophesies on Lesotho’sunrest and the death of South Africa’s goalkeeper, Senzo Meyiwa both came to pass as heprophesied.He is the founder and leader of the EnlightenChristian Gathering, a church that has spreadalarmingly in African countries includingZambia, South Africa and Ethiopia.He also has one of Africa’s largest TV networks,Prophetic Channel that is viewed across Africaand Europe via satellite on DSTV’s publicChannels and Free to Air decoders.By Kelvin Sulugwe, (one of Malawi’s leadingonline journalists)January 19 at 4:45pm ·

    • can u all remove God’s name in this dirty game called politics. You all don’t know what God’s plans for zambia are and u busy mentioning his name let’s learn to fear God fellow zambians