Results from 100 Constituencies with 50 Constituencies remaining – TIZ


Here are the Statistics from 100 Constituencies Transparency International Zambia  has Compiled so far. 50 Constituencies remaining

Total Number of Valid Votes Cast – 1,270,762

4R – 4,832
NAREP – 4,429
UPND – 589,347
UNIP – 7,580
PF – 634,795
HERITAGE – 3,812
MMD – 10,788
FDD – 10,238
CDP – 2,217
GREEN – 1,049
FDA – 1,675


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  2. Just the name “Tumfweko” shows where you come from and your hatred of Tongas. This is not the Zambia I knew. Its sad that an online paper can promote tribalism even in straight forward issues.

  3. we also pray for your country to have a peaceful transtion and however the case never let politicians divide your beautiful country. Remember in his wisdom God saw it fit to have all the diverse tribes and culture. Let Zambia be peaceful. We Kenyans wish u all the best.

  4. Tell us here in Malawi coz we are following with keen interest as Zambia and Malawi cherish a strong brotherhood. Sorry for the loss with Tunisia in Equitorio Guinea probably in the dying minutes. But Chipolopolo shined in that game despite the loss. May God bless Zambia and choose for her a good leader to revamp the economy! We wish u well from Blantyre, Lilongwe, Zomba and Mzuzu-Malawi’s major cities.