MMD Statement on the 2015 Election Results

nevers mumba
nevers mumba

After looking at the results made available by the Electoral Commission of Zambia so far, it is clear that as the Movement for Multiparty Democracy, we have not made the grade in this election.

Nevertheless, I wish to congratulate our national campaign committee led by Hon Mwansa Mbulakulima and the entire membership of the party for demonstrating unequaled gallantry in the just ended electoral contest. We thank all those who contributed by way of funding, time and logistics to the campaign.

The results so far confirm that MMD’s path to full recovery lies in complete re-branding with new blood and new attitudes towards service to the nation. As MMD, we shall regroup and make the necessary decisions to take our party forward.

We congratulate the eventual winner and look forward to working together as we provide the necessary checks and balances. In conceding defeat, we wish to advise all our colleagues in the political fraternity to desist from anything which could bring instability and conflict in our nation. We urge the incoming President and Government to foster unity and reconciliation during this interim period before the 2016 election.

We urge the new administration to immediately get to work to give the Zambian people their constitution as soon as possible. As we stated during the Presidential debate, it is very unlikely to enact the new constitution before the 2016 elections because of the need for a referendum as a result of the amendment to the Bill of Rights.

A referendum requires planning, logistics, funding and sensitisation of the public in every district which is difficult to do in 18 months. We are aware that the PF has released a roadmap for the final phase of the constitution review process. However, the Zambian people still remember the PF legacy of dishonesty and unfulfilled “90 Days” promises. Zambians would do well to be sceptical of this roadmap and must be vigilant to hold the PF government accountable to their stated time-frames in the plan.

A more realistic, practical and result-oriented approach is the MMD position of immediately taking separate important bills to parliament in order to address the following issues before the 2016 elections:

  1. 50% + 1 electoral system
  2. Presidential running mate
  3. Reduction of the powers of the President
  4. Freedom of Information and improved press freedom
  5. The NGO Act
  6. Public Order Act
  7. Dual Citizenship
  8. Cabinet from outside Parliament
  9. Decentralization
  10. Preventing parliamentary defectors from contesting seats for the life of the parliament they are in

Only high levels of patriotism will help to navigate us through this 18 month transition time before the 2016 election, by which time we must have our people-driven constitution.

I thank you,

Nevers Sekwila Mumba
MMD President


  1. A very good and truthful statement from Pastor Sekwila Nevers Mumba. Your word of accepting defeat and how to handle it is superb let others emulate you.