FODEP happy with conduct of elections in Kasama

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—-The Foundation for Democratic Process (FODEP) in Kasama has described the conduct of the presidential elections in the district as fair and transparent.


Speaking to ZANIS in an interview, Emmanuel Chila, who is the totalling centre monitor for Lukashya Constituency, commended the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) for the conduct of the elections.


Mr Chila said since the process of voting begun there has been no violence of any kind which has been recorded from any polling station the district.


He called on Zambians to continue holding peaceful elections.


Mr Chila also said the move by the ECZ to suspend the announcement of the results in this year’s elections is in the best interest of the country.


He appealed to Zambians to patiently wait for the announcement of the final results without any violence.


He has further warned people planning to stage violence in the district and the country at large to abide by the law or risk facing the consequences of the law.


Mr Chila added that it is high time that people in Zambia learnt to follow the procedure as the need demands.




    This is the first election since Zambia got her independence that will leave more hearts that are crashed after the final results. The person who becomes president will have the greatest task more than any other president we have ever had. The challenge will be to unite the nation and lead to the healing of broken hearts. For this to be done, one cannot rule out the place of God in the leadership. God loves everyone in this country and it becomes important that more than pleasing and rewarding those who have worked tirelessly to see to it that a particular party wins the election that the leader will not forget to invite God to be part of the leading. May God give the next president wisdom to lead this great nation. GOD BLESS MOTHER ZAMBIA. MAY THE CHURCH BE OF GREAT HELP!

  2. HH accepts defeat but he asks his party to give him another chance in 2016 general elections. According to the UPND constitution HH was failed four times and he cannot be allowed to start in 2016 unless their constitution is changed. Mweetwa and Garry are seen as the most prominent to take over from HH and preserve the Tonga tag in UPND.
    It is a big lesson for most us not to use rallies as a measure of your success. Again, we should learn never to over promise in an election but promise less and over deliver like PF did and is doing.
    Road construction should continue so that all areas in Zambia are accessible for the 2016 general elections.