Voting in Chikankata starts on good note despite heavy rains

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Over 200 people cast their vote by 07:00 hours at Chikankata Primary School polling station in Chikankata District.


Speaking with ZANIS today, Chikankata District Electoral Officer Damson Mukwato confirmed in an interview that the turnout of voters was good despite the heavy rains experienced in the District.


Mr. Mukwato said that all the 46 polling stations in the district opened at exactly 06:00 hours as there were no challenges experienced to delay people from voting.


He said all the voting materials were supplied in good time.


Mr. Mukwato explained that there are 28,778 registered voters in Chikankata district.


He further explained that the district provided voter education in all the eight wards of the District.


He expressed confidence that people will continue to turnout in high numbers as the day progresses.


He said looking at the season under which the elections are being held, most people in the area are farmers hence a 100 percent turnout was not possible but hoped for at least over 75 percent turnout.


Mr. Mukwato appealed to the people in the district to go and cast their vote as the exercise is running up to 18:00 hours.