Masumba urges acceptance of election results

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Peaceful voting has continued in Mufumbwe district in the North Western province with area Member of Parliament Stephen Masumba casting his vote at around 09:30 hours at Chizela polling station.


Mr Masumba told ZANIS in an interview that he was confident that the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) Party would scoop the presidential by-election based on the number of development projects that it has undertaken in the area.


Mr Masumba has since called on political parties to accept the election results because they would reflect the effectiveness of the campaign messages of various political parties.


“The outcome of elections will depend on campaign messages people put forward and so people should accept the results whether win or lose,” he said.


He said he was pleased with people who turned up to vote in the three polling stations he visited today which include Mulobe in Shukwe ward, Kamabuta, and Chizela polling stations.


Mr Masumba has since called for peace among political players during the elections.


“I have always preached peace in Mufumbwe from the time I became MP. That is how that same message and behaviour has reached everyone. So let us not clash.


“What is important is to explain to the people what we have done and what we are going to do for them. There is no need for violence”, he said.


Mufumbwe constituency has a total of 27, 027 registered voters with 16 wards and 40 polling stations.