— Edgar pledges improved road network in Lukulu District

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Edgar pledges improved road network in Lukulu District

Lukulu, January 17, 2015, ZANIS — Patriotic Front’s Edgar Lungu has promised the electorate in Lukulu District to work on the road network the area in exchange of their vote.

Mr. Lungu has also pledged to complete unfinished projects in Lukulu and Mitete districts which have been left by his predecessor such as the construction of the second phase of the district hospital and the Lukulu boarding high school.

ZANIS reports that addressing a campaign rally at the Cooperative grounds today, Mr. Lungu also pledged to invest into the agriculture sector, which he said is a huge source of income for households and the nation.

Mr. Lungu also pledged that when voted for in the January 20th presidential elections, his administration will construct a border post in Mitete district which shares borders with neighboring Angola.

He pointed out that within the three years of being in power the Patriotic Front government has managed to bring development in the area especially in Mitete District, which has never had communication services since independence but now will be connected with the completion of the network tower.

Meanwhile, Mr. Lungu has refuted claims that he is unwell saying he would not have managed to reach the district if he was unwell.

And Jean Kapata said people should not be cheated on tribal lines saying that the PF is the party for all tribes.

And District Patriotic Front campaign manager Max Mbunji said the district is going to deliver voter in favor of the party as the district campaign team went flat out.