MMD On The Campaign Trail In Kasenengwa, Vitoria Kalima addressing people in Chikungu
MMD On The Campaign Trail In Kasenengwa, Vitoria Kalima addressing people in Chikungu

In November 1991, the Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) took over government from an oppressive One Party dictatorship in which Zambians lived in fear. The economy had been on a 25 year decline and was worth $3 Billion. Life expectancy had been falling, inflation was at 100%, poverty levels were at 80% with GDP per Capita dropping by 40% since Independence and there were massive shortages of essential goods and services.

Upon taking over government, the MMD immediately implemented far reaching political and economic reforms which jump-started the ailing economy and introduced a new era of democratic governance and liberalized economy. In September 2011, the MMD peacefully handed to the Patriotic Front (PF) government a growing, vibrant economy worth $20 billion with established institutions of governance. Life expectancy had increased, infant mortality dropped, economic growth was at 7%, poverty had reduced to 60%, there was single digit inflation for the first time since the 70s at 8%, GDP per capita improved by 40% from its lowest point and the Dollar exchange rate was K3.70.

The picture of Zambia today after a mere three years of the PF government is a stark reminder of the disastrous One Party era. Zambia is going backwards as political and economic freedoms have worsened in the immediate past. The press and opposition parties have been harassed. PF cadres are violently running amok, grabbing land and attacking peaceful opposition political meetings. Zambia has suffered a credit downgrade, inflation is approaching double digits, the budget deficit is nearing 10% and the Kwacha has lost 60% of its value. The World Bank and International Monetary Fund are already sounding alarm bells that the Zambian economy is at risk of decline.

The New MMD, with the new slogan “The Hour for New Hope”, seeks a fresh mandate from the people of Zambia to restore the country back to the path of prosperity and progress it left. The MMD with its 20 year proven track record of success in running the nation is more than ready to meet this challenge.

The famous Physicist Albert Einstein once said that it is insanity to keep doing the same things but expecting different results. We cannot use the same old strategies anymore. We need radical solutions in order to succeed. The New Hope MMD envisions a modern and prosperous Zambia, embracing all 73 tribes living in harmony; a true Christian nation of “One Zambia, One Nation” that will exploit its God-given, strategic central position in Southern Africa, to become a “Centre of Excellence”.

Under the MMD government, Zambia shall be a pioneer nation and pace-setter of new politics; a role model of democracy promoting tolerance; an oasis of peace and a beacon of hope for the entire African continent; a voice of reason for Africa, free of the stereo-typical characteristics of poverty, war, disease, conflict, corruption and crime.

By 2010, the MMD had already succeeded in transforming Zambia from a Third World status to a Lower Middle Income country. The New Hope MMD now seeks to take Zambia to the next level and turn it into a fully developed nation that shall be a shining example and inspiration to the rest of Africa and the world.

Inspired by the Asian Tigers, we shall lead the AFRICAN LIONS.

As New Hope MMD, our pledge to the Zambian people is not to make vague or false promises designed to hoodwink them as has happened with the current government. We shall not promise things we cannot deliver. The following are some of the specifics of our plan.

[Launched on 5th January 2015 at Southern Sun Hotel, Lusaka at The Post Newspapers Press Freedom Committee meeting. We shall be posting the abridged plan in sections here for you to discuss.]