— Govt. releases grade nine results

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Govt. releases grade nine results
Lusaka, January 16, 2015 ZANIS—- A total of 169,375 pupils have qualified to grade ten out of the  2299,875 candidates who sat for the  2014 grade 9 examinations.

Minister of Education, Science, Vocational and Early Education John Phiri announced this at a media briefing held in Lusaka today.

 Dr. Phiri said out of 169,375 pupils who qualified to grade ten 154,506 were boys and 145,369 were girls representing a percentage increase of 4.75 percent out of  the 285,636 candidates who sat for the 2013 Examinations.

He explained that the increase in candidature is attributed to the creation and expansion of classroom space arising from the infrastructure development and upgrading  of Basic Schools programmes which are currently on going in the country.

Dr. Phiri announced that 114,104 candidates obtained statements of results   out  of which 55,739 were boys and 58,365 were girls, representing 38.05 percent while a total number of 16,396  pupils did not make it to grade ten.

Dr. Phiri said the statistics shows that performance in 2014 was better compared to 2013, and the number of candidates obtaining certificates has increased from 54.89 percent to 56.48 percent respectively.

He added that, it is the desire of the PF government and the ministry of education  to ensure that every leaner has an opportunity to exhibit excellence during examination and progress through the education ladder without challenges.

Dr. Phiri announced that the official opening date for the 2015 Grade ten learners is February 2,2015 and a two weeks grace period of up to 13th February, 2015 has been given.