— Ballot boxes arrive in Monze District

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Ballot boxes arrive in Monze District


Monze, 15, ZANIS…. Monze District has received ballot papers for next week’s presidential elections.



Monze District Electoral Officer Mr. Tryson  Chunga said the arrival of the ballot papers yesterday around 15:30 hours was witnessed by all political party representatives and other stakeholders.


“Yes I can confirm that we received the ballot papers for Monze yesterday and the arrival of the ballot papers was witnessed by all the stakeholders,” said Mr. Chunga.


Monze District Electoral Officer Tryson  Chunga  said this in an interview in Monze District today.



He said the ballot papers kept under very tight security awaiting the distribution exercise on 18th January to all the 143 polling stations in the district.


ZANIS reports that Monze District has about 78,000 registered voters and has   an estimated population of more than 190,000 according to the 21010 census.



Mr. Chunga also said all the 609 polling staff have since been trained and will be deployed to their various polling stations next week Sunday the 18th of January, 2015.



Meanwhile, Mr. Chunga explained that so far the campaigns have been peaceful in the district except for few isolated incidences where political cadres clashed.



He cited the pulling down of political materials as some of the few cases that occurred but said all these cases have been amicably resolved by the conflict management committee.



“We have had few instances where some cadres from the United Party for National Development (UPND) and Patriotic Front(PF) had accused each other of pulling the others campaign materials but I can say that all those issues were  sorted out by the conflict Management Committee and the two parties have since reconciled,” said Mr. Chunga.