— Civil Servants urged to scrutinize Presidential candidates

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Civil Servants urged to scrutinize Presidential candidates

Ndola,  January 12, 2015 ZANIS——The National Union of Public Service Workers (NUPSW) has advised government workers in the country scrutinize all Presidential Candidates and elect someone who will effectively address issues pertaining to their working conditions.


NUPSW Ndola District Chairperson Stephen Mwango says there was need for civil servant6s  to vote for a presidential candidate who will address issues affecting them.


There is need for civil servants to elect a candidate who will address concerns affecting them such  as long service bonus, leave pay, repatriation and other payments which have been outstanding for a long time, he said .


“As a Union we would like to appeal to all government workers to seriously scrutinize all presidential candidates and come up with someone who will come and look into our problems concerning payments of outstanding long service bonus, leave pay and repatriation which has been outstanding for a long time,” he said.


He further added that the incoming President should continue improving the conditions of service of public service workers just as the late President Mr Micheal Chilufya Sata did.


Meanwhile Mr Mwango has appealed to the relevant authorities to consider making Monday January 19, 2015 a public holiday to enable people that are voting in other towns to travel ahead of Tuesday January 20, 2015.