Politicians urged to embrace peace and unity ahead of the January 20 polls

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Politicians urged to embrace peace and unity ahead of the January 20 polls

Kawambwa, January 10, 2015 ZANIS—Kawambwa District Electoral Officer (DEO), Jovax Ngoma has strongly advised political parties in the area to avoid criticizing and victimizing one another in the forthcoming presidential poll.

This is to enhance Love, Peace and unity in the district.

Mr Ngoma issued the advice in Kawambwa yesterday during a briefing for the presidential poll for the party officials, security officers, media and observers held at WIZA Lodge conference hall.

He said elections come and go adding people should not critisize and victimize one another but promote love, peace and unity.

Mr Ngoma urged people in the district to follow the electoral code of conduct to avoid being fined or sent to prison.





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