Nevers warns Rupiah

nevers mumba
nevers mumba

MMD President Nevers Mumba has strongly warned former President Rupiah Banda to stop using the MMD material and symbol in his campaigns for Patriotic Front president Edgar Lungu.
Dr Mumba says the MMD is not in any alliance with the Patriotic Front and that Mr Banda has no right to continue using party material and symbol in his campaigns for Mr Lungu.
He states that if Mr. Banda has chosen for whatever reasons to support the PF, he should make it clear that he is doing so in his own capacity and not as MMD.Nevers_Mumba.jpeg
Dr Mumba says Mr Banda should therefore use his personal things and not the party regalia and symbol in his campaigns for the PF President.
Dr. Mumba says the former ruling party will be left with no option but to seek the intervention of the Courts of law if Mr Banda does not heed to the warning and continues to use MMD party material and symbol.

He says the use of MMD material and symbol at PF rallies is an illegality.
Meanwhile Dr. Mumba says MMD Chairman for Legal Affairs Bradford Machila is not legal chairman for the press but for the party and its President and that if he has any contribution on how to move the party forward pertaining to happenings in the party, he should personally advise him instead of rushing to the media.
Dr Mumba says the MMD has a laid down process which members should follow when there is any issue that arises.
He adds that the issue of MMD Members of Parliament endorsing other presidential candidates is a disciplinary matter which will be subjected to the laid down process.

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