GBM’s vehicle impounded by Police

GBM's vehicle impounded by Police
GBM's vehicle impounded by Police

Dear friends,
I can confirm that a vehicle of mine has been impounded and have received information that they were FOUR items that the police have classified as offensive weapons.
(I am on a campaign tour of Northern, Luapula and Muchinga Provinces I am not in Kasama. So I am also depending on information being sent from Kasama)
Following this I have been informed the reasons by the occupants of this vehicle on my inquiry, on why these FOUR items where in one of the vehicles carrying materials.
We have learnt that after an attack on the vehicle and it’s occupant, the said FOUR items ended up in the vehicle and are in police custody.
Coincidentally, the vehicle and it’s occupants were prematurely intercepted by the police as they were on their way to the police station. Anyone interested can query Kasama Police as it is an ongoing investigation concerning the FOUR items.
I urge, Mr Mwamba to focus on informing the public on the Shiwa Ngandu saga, where it is now reported that a person has since died from that violence that occurred there.


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