Cultural norms blamed for low use of female condoms

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Zambia Civil Society Health Partnership has attributed the low use of female condoms by women partly to some cultural norms of some men.

Zambia Civil Society Health Partnership Executive Director, Christine Kapampa said some men accuse their wives of being unfaithful to them when they suggest that they use female condoms in their homes.

Ms. Kapampa said the other factor inhibiting the use of female condoms is lack of sensitization especially in rural areas.

She added that some women in rural areas do not even know what a female condom is.

Ms. Kapampa further attributed the low usage of female condoms to lack of funds by the organisation to conduct awareness campaigns on the matter in the rural communities.

She said female condoms are not readily available as compared to the male condoms.

She further said the Zambia Bureau of Standards (ZABS) lacks the capacity to test the female condoms coming in the country.

Ms. Kapampa said although her organisation was facing numerous challenges, it will continue to sensitise women in reproductive health.

She said awareness on the use of female condoms will contribute to the reduction on the spread of HIV and sexually transmitted infections.

She said the reduction of HIV/AIDS was one the objectives to achieve Millennium Development Goals of 2015.