Chipimo unhappy with state of markets in Mansa

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Chipimo unhappy with state of markets in Mansa

Mansa, January 9, ZANIS—National Restoration Party (NAREP) President Elias Chipimo has described the state of markets in Mansa as unacceptable.

Mr Chipimo said it is sad that 50 years after independence people can be trading in markets which lack good shelter and sanitation facilities.

He said there is need to ensure that the hard work that women put in to feed their families is supplemented by putting up modern markets.

ZANIS reports that the NAREP leader who is also the party’s presidential candidate in the January 20th presidential elections said this when he toured the markets in Mansa today.

Mr Chipimo his party if elected into government has a vision to empower marketeers by giving them government contracts to supply food stuffs to government institutions.

He said NAREP will also involve marketeers in agriculture as marketeeers have the potential to produce their own crops for sale.

Mr Chipimo added that NAREP will ensure that farmers are given farming inputs on time.

Mr Chipimo said his party wants to ensure that the people of Zambia do not only have political independence but also economic independence.

He called on the people to vote for NAREP saying there was no need to vote for the same people who have failed the people of Zambia.

Mr Chipimo added that the people of Zambia need a leader who is God fearing as only NAREP has such kind of leader in Elias Chipimo.

The National Restoration Party leader is in Mansa on his campaign trial and will also visit Mwense among other places.