Fisheries Department in Mongu warns fishermen, fish traders of stern action

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The Fisheries Department in Mongu District in Western Province has warned both fishermen and fish traders that whoever shall be found in possession of fish during the fish-ban period will be arrested for not less than six months.

Principal Fisheries Officer Gethings Chisule advised fishermen and fish traders to strictly adhere to the fish-ban as they risk facing the law once found wanting.

Mr. Chisule said that only a month was remaining before the up-lifting of the fish-ban hence the need for fishermen and fish traders to adhere and conserve fish by resorting to other important ventures of diversification such as farming.

Mr. Chisule noted that the fish-ban period was the breeding time for fish and that killing one bream was equivalent to killing 500 breams as one bream produced 500 eggs.

He described the fishing-ban that started on 1st December last year as dormant due to lack of funds for enhancing fish-ban patrols adding that the department was just using its initiative.

Meanwhile, Mr Chisule has commended the Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) for helping in sensitizing the fishermen and fish traders in the communities on the importance of conserving fish.

The yearly three months fish-ban is expected to end on 28th February, 2015.