Prisons staff urged to maintain discipline

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Zambia Prisons Commissioner Percy Chato has called on all prisons service staff to maintain discipline and refrain from the abusive use of the social media.

Mr Chato said a disciplined workforce is important in the efficient implementation of government policies that drives the country’s social and economic development.

Speaking when he addressed the Prisons service staff in Namwala and Choma Prisons after touring the two prisons, Mr Chato said discipline promotes national development.

He said the Prisons staff had a task to display exemplary behaviour of discipline in order to set a good model for inmates who are in prison for rehabilitation and become better citizens.

Mr Chato said the Prison staff should also exhibit discipline in the use of the social media by refraining from making postings that discredit other individuals or disclosing where they officer is operating from at any given moment.

“The prisons service will not condone any abusive use of the social media by the Prisons staff. Any prisons staff found posting negative statements about other individuals shall be charged accordingly”, he said.

 Mr Chato also called on the Prisons staff to refrain from engaging themselves in partisan politics but work effectively to serve the government of the day.

He said urged the Prison service staff to avoid political discussions at places of work and maintain political neutrality at all times.

“In view of the upcoming Presidential Elections on January 20, 2015, as citizens of a democratic nation we have the right to vote and your vote is secret, therefore emphasis is on the need for all Prisons staff to refrain from engaging in partisan politics”, he said.

Mr Chato who is accompanied by the Zambia prisons Director of Staff Everisto Kalongo is on the tour of prisons in southern province to familiarize himself with their operations.